Everlasting Bond

Everlasting Bond

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Our medical grade adhesives have been hand crafted for Luxury Lash. With Superior drying power, this safe and flexible bond maintains proper viscosity throughout the bottle Refrigeration is not needed and most importantly, it is manufactured in the USA.

  • ISO certified facility
  • Cyanoacrylate Ester
  • Curing time 12 hours
  • 5 second dry time
  • Black non clumping formula
  • Available in two formulations

Ever Lasting Bond
The ultimate adhesive with the flexibility and strength to bond lash extensions. Our superior formula is made in the United States in an ISO Certified facility. Ever Lasting bond is clinically formulated for our academy. Ever Lasting bond has a 12 month shelf life---- Simply put it is the highest quality adhesive on the market today.

Ever Lasting Fumeless Bond
This gentle adhesive is perfect for people who are highly allergic to allergens. It is medical grade with a 6 month shelf life with minimal to no odor.

Everlasting bond sample size.
A perfect size to practice with secures tightly with an enables a precise amount of glue to be used.#B0011041